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This page shows an overview of your test reports. It contains various sections.


At the top of the page, you will see some general information such as:

  • Total amount of tests
  • Number of failed test
  • Mumber of passed tests
  • Graphical overview of the percentage of passed tests
  • Report name

Latest failures

In most cases you will only want to see the details of the failed test results. In this section you se a list of failures. If you click on a result it will display the details of the test result.

last failures

Results graph

Here you see a historical graph that shows the total number of tests per result and if there are any failures.

report graph


The history page shows you the result of your last imported results.

Profile settings

You can edit various profile settings from this page, such as: - Profile name - The project group this profile is in - Gitlab integration settings