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API Import

We also support importing test results through our API, here I'll give a basic explanation of how to do that. For more detailed and technical documentation you can take a look at our Swagger API Documentation.


The API to import testresults is located at and accepts 'POST' requests with the following fields.

  • (required) API Key in header
  • (required) Profile ID in url
  • (required) Test results in body
  • (optional) Operating System in query
  • (optional) Platform in query
  • (optional) Build number in query


An API request that sends a JSON or XML test result file using curl looks like this:

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/*" -H "x-api-key:<API_KEY>" -X POST -d @path/to/testresult<profile_id>/testreport?browser=<browser_name>&platform=<platform_name>&build=<build_number>

You can find and copy your specific API import curl command on your project overview page that contains the profile.

Calliope api import