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Historical Information

Here you will find more detailed information of the historical information that shows in the results. After reading this section we encourage you to try it out yourself in Calliope. In this Zip file you can find a series of test results that will help you make use of the historical functions in Calliope. Make sure you utilize the date picker and upload the files separately!


In the details of a result there is the timeline. This timeline shows you a bullet with the icon of status of the test result, with the date underneath. On the right result of the current report will be displayed with "Current" above. If there are test results of the same test uploaded with a date before the current, the icon and date will be displayed left from the current with the oldest date on the far left. The maximum of results displayed is 5 plus the current result.


If there is no history for the test result, “No history found” is displayed instead of the timeline. See "No history found"


A result can have one of these labels depending on the previous test:

- New result: For new results

new result

- New Failure: When a result status is failed or broken when the previous status was passed

new failure

- Fixed: The previous status was failed or broken but now it passed


- Was passed / Broken / skipped / unknown: The status of the result is different but not failed or fixed

was unknown

- X time: If the result is not passed and the same as X amount of times before

3th time

- Changed: The status of the result is the same but something in the result has changed, like the description. See Status hash


No history found

There are a few reasons why there is no history for an item

Too old

The result is too old, it has a date before the historical information was implemented.


The result has duplicate titles. When uploading an item with duplicated fields like containers, the history hash cannot be unique and therefore not be used.

duplicate example

A warning the logs will show what elements are duplicated.

log message