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Public sharing

As a moderator of a company, you can make a report public. You can do this by going to the Make public link in the sidebar.

The following data is hidden on a publicly accessed report:

  • Import messages
  • Original file
  • Original attachments
  • Logs
  • Import parameters
  • Calliope JSON file
  • Next / Previous reports (partially depending on public history setting)


Public until

By default a report is private. When making a report public, you need to give an end date. The default is set to 30 days.

Show public history

Enabling this will make all public and history enabled reports withing the same profile accessible to the guest visiting your link. This means the following:

  • They can see changes between this report and the previous report you shared.
  • They can navigate from this report to the previous one.

They will not be able to see any other private reports or reports from other profiles.

Having this option disabled will only show the current report to the user.

Public URL

This is the URL to share. You can easily preview how it looks publicly by opening a new private browser window and going to the URL.

If you Regenerate public key all previous access given to this URL is lost and a new URL is generated.