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What is Calliope?

Calliope is a dashboard, independent of any test solution that unifies your results to share with the world.

You can also configure the platform to start and schedule your test execution so that you can easily integrate test automation in your CI/CD pipeline.

The key features of are:

  • Share results: You can share your (executive) test results publicly, with anyone Detailed error logs and screenshots can be added making debugging for testers and developers more easy
  • Useful data: We will only display useful information, instead of all the data
  • Compare and analyse: See how your application is doing over time. You will be able to more easily detect trends in errors and regressions
  • Always accessible: You can always look into the result, from anywhere, any time, on any device

Why Calliope?

We believe that test reports and result analysis of most of the tools out there are bad... at best. These are a few problems with the test reporting tools currently out there:

  • No unified results: There is no place where Development teams can display their test results
  • No data views: There is no solution to give interesting information about the history of test result data
  • Can’t share results: Automated test results are only inspected by the creator

Calliope allows a project stakeholders to share, compare, and monitor any test result in one location, creating a highly collaborative and effective environment.

Who is Calliope for?

Calliope is primarily for software testers. The test result data that is imported is what fuels the added value of Once the first test results are in, you can see that Calliope is actually a platform for everyone in a development team since the test results can easily be shared and everyone can find value from the reports:

  • Software testers: Analyse automated test results to help with finding regressions
  • Developers: Analyse spicific errors in order to find a solution to a problem found
  • Product Owners/Managers: See overall status and trends in order to see how the project is doing

Getting Started

Register your account

Don't have an account yet? You can register at Calliope has a free starter plan so you can easily give Calliope a try without the hassle of any approval procedures or purchasing department decisions.

Watch the short video below to see how to sign up.

Generate test results

To get value out of Calliope, you need to generate test results and import your test results into the Calliope platform. Don't have any test automation scripts yet? We created a testautomation guide at to get you started.

Once you have generated your own test results you can start to import results.

Import your first test result

Great, you have your own test results! We support various formats like JSON and XML and tools like Cucumber, JUnit, Newman and more. You can upload test results manually to get you started, please see out manual test result import documentation.

Also, watch our short video tutorial regarding uploading test results.