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Calliope account setup

In a group you can organize all your profiles in a company by creating groups, sub-groups and further up to 6 levels deep.

A group can container sub-groups and profiles. This way you can create a complete structure organising all the tests in your project:

  • Your Group
    • Development environment
      • Unit tests
      • API tests
    • Test environment
      • Unit tests
      • API tests
      • UI tests
    • Staging Environment
      • UI tests
      • Security tests
      • Performance tests
      • Release tests
    • Production
      • Smoke test
      • Uptime monitoring

Calliope group

Editing a group

You can also edit your group by clicking on the "...".

On the edit page you can change 2 values:

  • Name - The name of the group
  • Parent - The parent of the group
    • By changing this you can move the group on a company level or to become a sub-group of another group

Calliope group name

How to create a group

To create a group, you first require a verified Calliope account and you need to be a part of a company.. Click the links to follow along with those procedures.

To create a group.

  • Look to the blue section on the left side of the app and click on where it says ‘Create group.’


  • While on the Dashboard page, click on a company and then click on the big plus sign under the section titled “Create new group.”
    • Enter the group name.
    • Click ‘Submit.’

Now you have a group setup you can create multiple profiles! Next up: how to create a profile.

Watch our short tutorial video below about creating groups and profiles.