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TestCafe JSON results

You can generate TestCafe JSON results by setting your TestCafe output to JSON. Read more about exporting TestCafe results into JSON here.

TestCafe JSON format

Download our example file here: example_testcafe_report.json


  • startTime ignored
  • endTime ignored
  • userAgents split and stored into OS and platform.
  • passed ignored
  • total ignored
  • skipped ignored
  • fixtures we iterate over fixtures and define each object as a container.
  • warnings added to upload warnings.


A fixture will be read as a container with one or more result(s).

  • name stored as title.
  • path if name is not present, path is stored as title.
  • tests we iterate over the array and define each object within as a result.


A test will be rewritten as result.

  • name stored as title.
  • errs first line is stored as exception_name, remaining text stored as exception_description.
  • durationMs divided by 1000 to convert into seconds and stored as duration.
  • unstable added to open text field, named "json_data".
  • skipped if present, stored as status.
  • screenshotPath ignored