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Fink JSON results

To create a json report for each URL use $ ./vendor/bin/fink --output=fileName.json

Read more about Fink on the official Fink github.

Fink JSON format

Download our example file here: example_fink_report.json


Fink only generates top-level JSON data, we recommend keeping our 'smart' feature enabled to create an organized test report. However, it can be disabled by adding the smart=false parameter to your request.


  • url stored as title and with our 'smart' feature enabled, the url is used to create containers.
  • timestamp stored as date


The following data is stored as JSON data in a result.

  • status stored as status and used as title if present
  • exception stored as exception_name
  • referrer_xpath stored as exception_description
  • referrer stored as duration
  • referrer_title stored in JSON data only
  • distance stored in JSON data only
  • request_time stored in JSON data only