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HTML Reports

Unfortunately, we do not support HTML files as a report.

Why we do not support HTML files?

Calliope processes your reports as data. This data needs to be stored in a structured manner, like JSON or XML following specific rules. HTML on the other hand is not structured. It is used to visualize data and often very prone to change. Therefore we can not filter out the data from the file reliably and build up a reliable history of your results.

If your HTML file contains information that we are not showing on Calliope when uploading your XML/JSON report, we love to hear what it is so we can improve on this.


First things first

Look through our supported tools list. We might have documented how to generate reports, that can be imported, from the tool you are using. If your tool is not on the list, this does not mean we don't support it. Please keep reading to learn more.

If you can not find your tool in the list. Feel free to contact us and let us know what tool you use! If you let us know what you use, we can research it and maybe support it or write documentation about it later down the line.

Generate a different file type

Most test tools/format can be generated in multiple file formats. We support all the major output formats like JUnit, NUnit, TestNG and Cucumber. Have a look at all our supported formats.

Have a look at the tool you are using if it has an option generating an output format that we support.


Search engine tip: "[Your tool] export report"

Contact us

If neither of the above options resolved the issue please contact us. You can reach us through the chat on our application, or you can email us at