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ZAProxy XML results

Learn more about exporting your test results into a xml file here. Read more about our ZAProxy support in Calliope here.

Example file

Download our example file here: example-zaproxy-report.xml


A site will be read as a report with one or more containers(s).

  • version check if we support the version used for the result
  • generated stored as date
  • site we iterate over the array and define each site within as a container

Alert Item

An Alert Item will be read as a container with one or more result(s).

  • name stored as title
  • alert stored alternatively as name if name is absent
  • riskdesc added and stored to name
  • desc stored as description
  • instance we iterate over the array and define each instance within as a result


An Instance will be read as a result.

  • desc stored as description
  • solution stored as description
  • otherinfo stored as exception_backtrace
  • reference stored as exception_backtrace
  • uri stored as title
  • method stored as title
  • params stored as exception_description
  • evidence stored as exception_description
  • pluginid stored as json_data
  • riskdesc stored as json_data
  • riskcode stored as json_data
  • confidence stored as json_data
  • cweid stored as json_data
  • wascid stored as json_data
  • sourceid stored as json_data