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Import attachments

You can also add attachments to an import request. This is done with the attachment[] parameter.

The use of attachments

Attachments are a list of assets that are linked to your import. These assets contain the original filename how it was uploaded.

While we process the report files, we might find a reference to a screenshot, say C:/path/to/tool/screenshots/scenario_name.jpg. This path is cross-checked with the attachments and when there is a match, the attachment becomes an asset of the result.

When all report files are processed, and there are still unused attachments, they will be added as assets to the report.

What are attachments

There are multiple ways for a file to become an attachment.

Using the attachment[] parameter

You can set an array of attachments using the attachment[] parameter. You can also put all your attachments in a single zipfile and send that as a single attachment[]. We will automatically unpack it and set all containing files as attachment.

Using the file[] parameter

You can add attachment as well as a file[] to the report. We will try to process the file as a report, but when it fails, it will become an attachment.

Adding your whole project folder as a zip-file to file[] (beta)

You can even zip your whole project folder and add it as a file[]. We will unpack the file, check every file if it's a valid formatter, and if not, they will be added as attachment.