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Cucumber JSON results

You can generate Cucumber JSON results by setting your Cucumber output to JSON. Read more about exporting Cucumber results to Calliope here.

Cucumber JSON format

Download our example file here: example_cucumber_report.json


  • uri ignored.
  • id ignored.
  • keyword: Stored as container classification
  • name: Stored as container title
  • description: Stored as container description
  • line ignored.
  • tags ignored.
  • elements: We go through all elements, in case the element keyword is 'Scenario Outline', we will create a sub-container for it. In case the type is Background, we will add it as a result to all following scenarios. If neither, we will treat it as a scenario.

Scenario Outline

A scenario outline will be read as a container with multiple scenario's. From the outline, the name is still taken.


  • id ignored.
  • keyword: Used to specify the type of element (Scenario, Outline or Background).
  • description: Stored as container description.
  • line ignored.
  • type: Used to find out of this is a background scenario.
  • tags ignored.
  • before ignored.
  • steps: Every step is treated as a result, see steps.
  • after: If after contains Embed, then this will be attached to the most logical result (the failing result, or the last one).


Steps are rewritten as results

  • keyword: Used in the beginning of the result title.
  • name: Used as result title.
  • line ignored.
  • embeddings: Attached as an asset to the result.
  • result: Used to determine the status of the result.
    • passed = passed
    • failed = failed
    • skipped = skipped
    • pending = unknown
    • undefined = unknown

Attaching screenshots to your cucumber results

See Cucumber tools for more details.

Linking your scenario's to JIRA

This functionality is not there yet, but it is in the pipeline!

By adding a tag to your scenario saying: @jira_issue_PROJ-201 it will be read as a ticket PROJ-201 to be linked to your scenario. You can set up your profile to be linked to a JIRA account.