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Fitnesse automated testing tool

FitNesse automated acceptance tests have several advantages over many kinds of traditional black-box, GUI-based functional tests:

  • FitNesse tests can give us feature feedback very early in the project. In fact, the tests ought to be written first, so programmers can code to the tests.
  • FitNesse tests can give us feature feedback very frequently. They can be run manually or automatically by anyone with web access to the server, as frequently as required. Every week, every day, every hour in a crunch.
  • FitNesse tests are deterministic: they either run green or red. If they run green for a given requirement, either the requirement is done and we move on to others, or the set of tests is not yet exactly right, in which case we refine them. Either way, we are successively refining the system in an orderly way. With each new test running green, we can all see the system getting better, more valuable, closer to what we need.
  • Being based on example data, FitNesse tests exercise more paths through the business logic. When you use FitNesse, you run less risk of missing important features or functional behavior.


Learn by example

Check out our example Fitnesse repository.

User Guide

For more information on how to install it and use it, please see the Fitnesse User Guide.

Suite Report Format

Fitnesse supports two formats:

Calliope currently supports only the JUnit XML format. Make sure to select it when exporting reports which are meant to be sent to Calliope.