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A company:

  • Contains one or more users
  • Has one company workspace for everyone in the company to see
  • Contains the license for the Calliope platform
  • On the company overview page you can add or remove users (requires the right permissions)

Calliope account setup

Create company

From the top menu dropdown you can create a company or edit your current company. Only the company name is required at this point.

Calliope account

Follow the steps in the video below to create a company in Calliope. Note: in the video, we mention "private workspaces", but they are no longer in use.

Joining an existing company

Unfortunately, due to GDPR rules, we cannot show if a company already exists in Calliope.

If you know your company exists, you will have to find someone with the role Moderator or above to send you and invite. We suggest that the name of the company owner be listed somewhere like Confulence for ease access within your team.

Feel free to contact us to join an existing company and we will discretely reach out to the company admin if the company exists.

Company roles

Each member within a workspace has one of the following roles:

Access / Role Read Only User Moderator Administrator Owner
Projects View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Profiles View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Reports View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Company View View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Import results X O O O O
Invite user X X O O O
Edit company X X O O O
Subscription X X X O O
Payment details X X X O O
Delete company X X X X O

*CRUD: Create / Read / Update / Delete

Edit company

From the top navigation dropdown, you can click on your current company to edit it. This will open up the company overview page.

Calliope company-page

On this page, there are various sections that you can edit. Note: that you only see the sections if your company role allows you to.

List of users

On the edit company page, you can add or remove users.

Invite users

On the edit company page you can invite users. Inviting team members is easy, watch this short tutorial video to find out how.

Edit company info

Here you can update the general information of the company such as address and company logo.


Subscriptions are given on workspace/company level. On the company overview page you can see your current company subscription plan.

To learn more on subscriptions and billing please see the subscriptions section.

Delete company

On the company overview page you can delete your company.


This will delete all the company data and is non-recoverable. Make sure you don't delete information or data that you still want to use.