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WebdriverIO JSON

You can generate WebdriverIO JSON results by Adding it to the reporters in your wdio.config.js file. Read more about exporting WebdriverIO results to Calliope here.

Learn by example

Check out our example WebdriverIO repository.


  • start: ignored.
  • end: ignored.
  • capabilities: Added as a result or as "result json_data", depending if there are more than one results.
  • host: ignored.
  • port: ignored.
  • baseurl: ignored.
  • framework: Required to make a distinction between Mochawesome reports.
  • suites: Calliope loops through the suites.


  • name: Used as Container title.
  • duration: ignored.
  • start: ignored.
  • end: ignored.
  • sessionId: Used for Description of the container.
  • tests: Calliope loops through those together with the hooks to generate results.
  • hooks: Calliope loops through those together with the tests to generate results.

Tests and hooks

  • name: Used as title of the result.
  • start: Used to determine the order of the results.
  • end: ignored.
  • duration: Used in duration for results.
  • state: Used for the status of the result.
  • errorType: ignored.
  • error: Used as exception_name.
  • standardError: Used as exception_description.
  • associatedSuite: Used in the description of results.