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Release Notes archive

4.5715 p (23 December 2020)


  • New formatter: Newman
    • Newman is a CLI plugin for Postman to allow testing from CI/CD pipelines.
  • Added import parameter merge_containers:
    • More detailed documentation can be found here.


  • Set merge_containers default to true for Mochawesome.
  • Set merge_containers default to true for JUnit.
  • Added smart functionality to JUnit formatter.
    • This will group <testcase> elements by the classname attribute. (Ream more)
  • Greatly improved our internal unittests to support a much bigger amount of files per formatter.
    • This should prevent more edge case scenario's failing.
  • If there is only 1 top-level container and the title is empty, we remove it.
    • Helps with some cases where a reporting tool generates a report without a title.


  • Expand all containers button stopped functioning.
  • An issue with character encoding, causes special characters to become <?>.
  • Some reports show a test notification without any content.

4.5611 p (7 december 2020)


  • Many improvements to the Mochawesome formatter, supporting more edge cases.
    • Now supporting the Mochawesome output from Jasmine.
    • Stores any none results or suites data as metadata.
    • Searches for os / build / platform in the content.
    • Allows screenshot references in the test > events array.
  • Made the runtime text smarter showing number in milliseconds, seconds or minutes.


  • Fix the chat icon sometimes overlapping links in the footer.
  • Fix the chat overlapping the results container.
  • Fix issue with zip files containing a __MACOSX folder causing a server error.
  • Fix issue with allowing duration to be unset, hiding it, instead of showing 0s.
  • Fix maintenance page sometimes being cached by the browser.

4.5583 p (2 December 2020)


  • New a-synchronous jobs worker (Sidekiq):
    • Increased reliability.
    • Increased performance.
    • Improved scalability.


  • More efficient deployment process building new versions of Calliope.
  • Allow to select a time zone when setting up a profile schedule.


  • Making a list using markdown displays wrong spacing at bottom of the list.
  • Collapsed results and containers were not remembered causing them to expand unwanted.
  • Links and other styled text in notification are unreadable due to lack of contrast in color.
  • Assets in results lost styling.
  • Uploading some invalid file types would raise an error instead of a report with a message.

4.5500 p (9 November 2020)



  • More efficient implementation of checking if a file is valid XML or JSON.
  • Formatter Serenity JSON now has a more straightforward translation:
    • OLD: All children and sub-children would become containers, unless it's the deepest level.
    • NEW: All levels of children are shown as results. If the test_object is a scenarioOutline, the second level of children are also considered containers.
  • Disabled edit mode for mobile devices. The small screen size was causing too many issues.
  • Added markdown support for result descriptions, container and result titles and import messages.
  • Show an icon in docs next to external links, to show it opens a new window.


  • Info icon (i) sometimes getting cut off on Chrome
  • Expand all containers on a large report can cause a freeze.
    • Unable to fix, but now showing an extra message that it can take a moment to load.
  • 404 page showing when loading specific documentation pages.
  • External links on docs pages opened in the same window instead of a new window.
  • Deleting a report redirect the user to the profile overview, instead of the all reports page.
  • Reports page overflowing width on mobile when a container has a large title.
  • Unexpected error showing when uploading a json file with the wrong extension.
  • Email not verified text displaying incorrectly in tablet view.

4.5406 p (21 October 2020)


  • Major update to the layout, main changes:
    • Increased accessibility from the top navigation.
    • Left side navigation includes page specific links.
    • Pulled apart multifunctional pages like user account or company detail and made separate pages per functionality.
    • Improved mobile experience, however, officially our mobile support is still viewable.
    • Color scheme is generally a bit lighter.
    • Updated breadcrumb for improved navigation.
  • New and improved documentation about setting up Postman with Calliope.


  • Calliope API key: User Account -> User / Access Tokens
  • User Gitlab settings: Users Account -> User / Integrations
  • Company members & invites: Company details -> Company / Members
  • Profile Gitlab settings: Edit profile -> Profile / Gitlab Integration


  • Upgraded multiple libraries:
    • Ruby on Rails 5.2 to 6.0
    • Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4
    • PNotify 4 to 5
  • A report container will now be automatically expanded if it is the only one of its parent.
  • Improved performance on getting historical data on a result (800% improvement on first load of a report).
  • Removed a lot of unused Javascript libraries (~200 000 lines of code deleted).
    • With these (and other) improvements the Chrome Lighthouse text, performance went up from 76% to 87%.
  • Simplified a lot of URL's:
    • E.G. /projects/123/profiles/456/reports/789 became reports/789.
  • Using a new and improved plug-in for the searchable drop-downs.
  • Added a /my/ pages overview for easy redirects to personal pages.
  • Better performance getting all the latest reports of every profile.
  • If a company logo has been set, it will now be user in the company icons.
  • Multiple forms now give direct feedback on the form validation instead of after submitting.
  • Updated all external links on to open in a new window.


  • Some warnings from the backend only showed the status code on the front-end instead of the full message.
  • Redirected to wrong URL when clicking item on graph in full-screen mode.
  • Multiple broken links to and from the docs pages.
  • Fixed issue in cucumber formatter: Error occurs when embedding a file to the before step of first step of a scenario.

4.5202 p (14 September 2020)


  • Reordering of report elements:
    • You can now move containers and results up and down in edit mode.


  • Better checks on the Import API call, giving more detailed feedback what is wrong.
  • When a raw body is given to the API call, it's expected that the Content-Type represents de mime-type of the body.
  • Some 401 forbidden errors now show more details about why it was forbidden.
  • Improving Burp suite container sorting.
  • Improved security reports by allowing informational results, that don't count as a result.


  • Fix showing company invite after the invite had been accepted.
  • Fix for some formatters wrong positions were given to the results.
  • Fix error showing after deleting a user from the company.

4.5160 p (28 August 2020)


  • Two-factor authentication:
    • Enable it from Account > Your credentials > Two factor authentication
  • Removed multiple credentials per user account.
  • You can now edit the account password and email.
    • Account > Your credentials > Change email address or password
  • Enforcing strong password usage on account creating.
  • Account is locked after 5 failed attempts.
    • Can be unlocked trough an email, like email validation on registration.
  • New company details page overview.
    • Cleaned up the subscription limitations.
    • Made the users view more compact.
    • Brought the company action button into instant view.
  • A user now gets a 24 hour period it can use Calliope without confirming their email address.


  • Security:
    • Increased level of password encryption.
    • Without remember me a login session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    • Extra check on email address if the server has mx-records and is not a known spam-mail server.
  • Moved Delete account and forget all about me to a separate page.
    • If a user is owner of a company, they need to either delete the company or change owner before they can delete their account.
  • Better environment variable storage for NUnit.
  • Added more logging formation during the import process.


  • Page back button not working on login page.
  • Links in a notification had a bad contrast with the background color.
  • Long container or result title's not displaying as expected.
  • Mochawesome formatter sometimes detecting incorrect formatter to be valid.
  • Some import warnings were lost on a successful import.
  • Edge case error occurring on the bell-notifications.

4.5010 p (7 July 2020)


  • Seeing the importance of screenshots, we're now showing assets in a result now on the 3rd position.
    • Except when there are more than 2 assets or in edit mode.
  • All result attributes now have an icon.
  • Remove unnecessary padding for textarea's during edit mode.
  • Improved the Cucumber formatter:
    • Checking for before and after steps in every scenario, outline and step.
    • When using outlines in combination with a background, the outline was seperated.
    • Making a before/after step visible is something failed inside it.
    • Looking for the Javascript Cucumber hidden attribute and when set to true, treating the step like a before/after step.
    • Adding a message to the json_data when an asset was moved from a before/after to another step.
  • Improved the Serenity formatter:
    • Allow the attachment of assets through the screenshots attribute.
    • Expecting results to be present in both children and testSteps.
    • Added edge case where a child or testStep might contain both results and containers.
  • Added a max files warning when the files[] parameter contains more than 50 files.

4.4987 p (29 June 2020)


  • Allow a result to have no status.
    • This way more environmental data can be added to a report, without affecting result numbers.


  • Added improved warning cases:
    • When the import API call is done as anything but POST method.
    • When something unexpected happened during saving, validation or processing your report.
    • When none of the given files have a valid file type.
  • Flash messages are more streamlined.
  • NUnit:
    • Settings and properties are now saved without a status.
    • Filters are now shown with more logic.
    • Added support for assertions.
  • Added fallback on detecting a correct formatter, that if all the files fail by file type, we will try again ignoring the file type.
    • This is to increase the chance of first time upload success.


  • Fix issue with delete assets after adding them to a result.
  • Fix reports without a date being saved as if created in 1970.
  • Fix big when submitting forgot password form twice.
  • When a file extension is .txt but the content is xml without the xml header the format would not be recognised.
  • Fix origin, os, build & platform not being set.
  • Fix positioning of notifications drop down menu.

4.4856 p (27 May 2020)


  • Attachments support: See attachment docs.
  • NUnit <attachments> is now supported.
  • Combine multiple different formats into 1 report.
    • You can now upload an JUnit XML file with a Cucumber JSON file and it will generate one seemless report.
  • Updated the API import endpoint:
    • Endpoint is now /profile/{profileId}/import.
    • Old endpoint /profile/{profileId}/report/import will now show a deprecation warning.
  • Import messages:
    • Now shows at a more prominent place on the report details page.
    • Every message now has a solve now button, that brings the user to a detailed docs page.
    • Added more warnings to guide the user to use the correct API call.
  • Import details:
    • You can now find much more details about how we processed your files.
    • Settings, parameters, uploader.
    • Download log file containing the logs on how every file was processed.
  • Small history graph:
    • The report detail page now shows 2 small history graphs.
    • One shows the absolute result values of the last 10 reports.
    • The other shows the change between every previous report.


  • Mobile:
    • Added swipe to dismiss function on notifications.
    • Improved the report details view.
    • Multiple visual improvements on the company overview page.
    • Quick upload form.
  • More details about assets (Original filename, file size, mime type).
  • Renamed company overview page to company details page due to confusion with other overview pages.
  • Docs:


  • Default unauthorized message was showing instead of a more detailed response message.
  • Sometimes not possible to view an newly added asset.
  • Some mime types did not correspond to the correct icon.
  • Asset preview images not displaying correctly.
  • Fix selecting a custom date when uploading.
  • Cannot remove gitlab integration from profile once set.
  • Multiple visual fixes for mobile.
  • About us link redirecting to 404 page.
  • Only 1 company owner is shown even if there are more.
  • Runtime should be hidden instead of showing zero when there is no runtime set.
  • Dropdown icon next to user avatar needs more margin.
  • Report summary email would not be send if it was the first upload of a profile.
  • Clicking info icon in sortable table would trigger a sort event.
  • Some forms being cleared after submitting invalid data.
  • Deleting your Credit Card would not automatically cancel your subscription.
  • Some fixes with the new notifications system.

4.4569 p (16 April 2020)


  • New and improved notifications system
    • You can now manage your notifications from the notifications page in your account.
    • You can now subscribe to receive notifications from a profile on the profile page itself.
  • We've created a Calliope Pro Slack Channel


  • Redesigned the login, register and forgot password page.
    • Added loader when logging in with Google
    • Removed first/last- name field from the registration form.
  • Updated documentation:
    • New screenshots.
    • More details formatters.
    • Improved multiple areas to clarify documentation.
  • Improved onboarding flow with a new onboarding email series for new users.
    • This includes a small update to the Privacy Policy.
  • Added first/last- name and phone number to the create first company form.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent the upload modal from closing while files are uploading.
  • Allow editing of a report while import limit is reached.
  • Fix some cases where a form was emptied after a failed submission.
  • New report email was not sent if it's the first of a profile.

4.4443 p (17 March 2020)



  • (Performance) Improved loading and compressing styling and javascript files.
  • (Security) Gave the account verification token a 24 hour time limit.
  • (General) Improved the reliability of emails being sent.

Bug fixes

  • Left side menu not correctly showing the current page as active.
  • Runtime less than 1 second shown as 0 second instead of in milliseconds.
  • Multiple missing icons.
  • Login session cookie sometimes being lost after closing the browser requiring the user to log-in again.
  • There was no distinction between a result with no duration or 0 milliseconds duration.
  • Edge case for Fink files being a JSON instead of ndJSON.

4.4239 p (17 February 2020)


  • Removal of Private workspaces
    • Move all private workspaces to company workspaces with the same owner.
    • Left side navigation updated and reworked.
    • Onboarding flow reworked.
    • Inform all users about this with a personal email.
  • Updated and renamed Company dashboard to Company overview


  • Updated our icon set to the latest version.
  • Completely reworked the page layout:
    • Page should load much faster.
    • Margins and other spacing is more exact.
    • Should give a calmer feeling.
  • User onboarding flow became more straight forward.
    • Force user to either join or create a company, or check out the Demo company.
    • You can now create a company directly during the onboarding with a single click.
  • Improved the new company onboarding flow.
    • Added a tile to create a project and profile in 1 click.
  • Added a company details tile, quickly summarizing the status of the company.

Bug fixes

  • Result view (sidebar) giving issues on mobile.
  • Multiple fixes in edit mode.
  • Drag & Drop issue in file uploader.
  • Updated Safari support to 11 or higher.
  • Profile graph right side showing points out of bounds.

4.4093 p (22 January 2020)


  • Report project filters
    • Your can now filter the results on projects like Changes, New failures or Fixes.
  • Project profile tiles now have Summary and other project filters
    • Summary will show all changes since last run plus any repeating failures.


  • Automatically make a link out of URLs in a results description.
  • The profile/{id}/status endpoint shows more information on the status of the profile.
  • For JUnit XML besides checking for the <failure> element, we now also check for the failure="" attribute.
  • Added a search to the Gitlab repository selection.
  • Showing repository namespace instead of name. So it now includes the project a repository is in.

Bug fixes

  • Optimize Fink reports for historical comparison.
  • Hide the graph on the profile overview page when no results have been uploaded.
  • Gitlab integration showing unclear warnings when the API token was invalid.
  • Changing Gitlab settings did not always change the ownership.
  • Download links not being updated when going to previous report.
  • Visual errors on the company invite panel.
  • If the uploaded file's Mime Type could not be found, it was not saved.
  • Combining Calliope Json files in an upload would overwrite each other.
  • Multiple issues in report Edit mode.
  • Result timeline not hidden when there is no history on the result.

4.4017 p (12 December 2019)

Performance improvement

  • Some reports became (very) slow to load when a larger history was build up.
    • Performance improved significantly for these cases (From > 30 seconds down to 5 seconds or less)
  • Improved efficiency of loading a cached report. Once cached, loading the report is almost instant.

Bug fixes

  • On the project overview page, reports would overflow from its containers.
  • Icon missing for Burp reports

4.3999 p (10 December 2019)

New formatter

Burp security reports

Reworked report details

  • Moved elements to more logical and space efficient locations
  • Made the pie-chart clickable for filtering
  • Smoother animations and effects
  • Improved styling and positioning of elements

Bug fixes

  • Issue where sometimes embedded datatables were not shown.
  • We assumed that a Cucumber file was always Base64 encoded.
  • Logs not showing on the report overview page anymore.
  • Improved file type detection performance

4.3874 p (29 October 2019)

New features

  • Automatically detect and set the user's timezone.
  • More graceful loading effect when switching between reports.


  • Report performance:
    • Update UUID primary keys to integer ID's.
    • More efficient looping through certain report objects.

Bug fixes

  • Report date jumping to a different time after page load.

4.3800 p (17 October 2019)

New features

  • Historical data:
    • Compared information to last uploaded report.
      • New / Fixed / New Failure / Changed / Failed x times
    • Historical timeline in the result details showing the last 5 results.
  • Status hash:
    • Besides the absolute status of a result (Passed / Failed / Etc.), we now generate a unique hash based on the Status, Exception name / backtrace / description. This way we can distinguish one failure from another.
  • Zaproxy:
    • Grouped results by method and url to prevent repeating issues on the same page.
    • Showing problem and solution in a more readable manner.

Other improvements

  • Better visual indication of container depth in report details.
  • Opened containers / results will stay opened when moving to next or previous report.
  • Better slide animations for opening and closing containers.
  • Updated the Stripe payments API.
  • Redesigned the company subscriptions page.
  • Super admins can now re-initialize, clear cache and pre-cache reports.
  • A lot of performance improvements when saving and updating reports.
    • Improvements barely noticeable due to the heavier load times for historical information.
  • Renamed the reports page to "Overview" in the breadcrumb.
  • Changed breadcrumb to show "Report details: {report date}" when on the report details page.
  • Sharing graphs by link is now an absolute link and will be remembered after logging in.
  • Reload report when closing edit mode to prevent caching issues.
  • Next / Previous report button now includes how much time ago it was.

Bug fixes

  • Timezone issues.
  • Copy to clipboard.
  • Reduced batch upload side to 1 for the manual uploader.
  • Scrolling and tooltip issue in the manual uploader.
  • Terms and conditions could be ignored by going to a different URL.
  • Errors for T&C were not displaying correctly.
  • "Removed UTF-8 characters" warning showing for every import.
  • Going to next report from report overview always brings you to the newest report.
  • Added a warning when trying to change your own role in a company.
  • Import bar disappearing when toggling certain filters on the report detail page.
  • Being able to select filters in the graph that show as disabled.
  • Some 404 pages didn't have styling.

4.3614 p (10 September 2019)

  • Improved report graph:
    • Added the possibility to toggle all lines.
    • Date range selector to show a bigger history (Free users have a limit of 30 reports)
    • You can now click a data point to go to the report detail page.
    • Other options: Full screen view, share link, download as image.
  • Go to next / previous report from report detail page.
  • Improved some form validations.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

4.3547 p (20 August 2019)

  • NEW FEATURE: Getting started wizard for companies and users.
    • This wizard will help you set up the basics of a workspace.
  • Reworked private workspace
    • All profiles of existing private workspaces are merged into 1 project.
    • Private workspace is always present in the left navigation.
  • Created a Demo company for everyone to see.
    • This way new or existing users can get inspired on how to use Calliope.
    • First visit to the Demo company will show a small tutorial.
  • You can now invite a user as a specific role.
  • Improved on page notifications.
  • Redesigned the left side menu.
  • Improved the dashboard pages.
    • Includes a better overview of what you can do when you log in.
  • Many small bug fixes and logic improvements.

4.3402 p (8 July 2019)

  • New formatters:
    • NUnit
    • XUnit
  • Improved the uploader:
    • Now shows upload progress.
    • Now shows processing status.
    • Added tooltips for more clarity.
    • Some styling improvements.
    • Added possibility to upload a blank report.
  • New feature: Auto-date, will look inside the report if it contains any timestamp and uses that.

4.3375 p (19 June 2019)

  • Uploader improvements:
    • Displays more information about your upload.
    • Included extra tabs with API call information.
    • Added hold shift functionality to quick upload.
  • Completely removed the old uploader
  • Multiple bug fixes.
  • Improved Zaproxy reporting.
  • Added toggle all results button to result view.

4.3343 p (19 June 2019)

  • NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to re-position your Projects and Profiles
  • Improved the manual uploader feature by adding more drop-able elements and a more seamless flow.

4.3220 p (29 May 2019)

  • NEW FORMAT: Fink link checker
  • NEW FORMAT: Calliope Json.
    • This means you can now copy your results to a new profile.
  • NEW FEATURE: Importing with the smart parameter.
    • For some formats we will try to improve the layering of results to make them more useful.
  • NEW FEATURE: Quick uploader now supports uploading multiple files (combined or separate).
  • NEW: Added info icons to multiple elements, to give more details about the functionality.
  • Multiple minor user experience improvements.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes.
  • Improved visibility of functions if there is no permission to use them.
  • Improved and clarified the API import docs.

4.3214 p (8 May 2019)

  • Improved some super admin functionality to be able to better manage the system.
  • Improved quick upload.
  • Disabled some functions for read only users instead of showing an error after using it.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes.
  • Edit report update:
    • Report dates are now editable.
    • Report OS, Platform & Build are now editable.
    • It's now possible to now add or remove containers.
    • It's now possible to now add or remove results.
    • Improved performance switching between edit mode and view mode.
  • Added an indicator of what filters are active on the report detail page.

4.3025 p (30 April 2019)

  • NEW: Multifile support (combine multiple files into 1 report).
  • UPDATE: Line chart updated to a filled chart.
  • UPDATE: Edit report:
    • You can now edit container and result titles.
    • Also result text fields are editable.
    • Now possible to upload new assets to a result.
    • Improved the design for saving files.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Multiple Design / UX improvements.
  • Redesigned the view for a failed import.

4.3023 p (8 April 2019)

  • NEW: Quick upload, a form on your dashboard to easily upload results.
  • NEW: Report details action area, a more obveous area with all the options and settings for your report.
  • NEW: Edit mode for reports, instantly make the status of your report editable and change the results to how you want them.
  • NEW: We're now visibly showing the Calliope JSON format to download.
  • UX: Improved the report page layout to make it better usable for all viewports.

4.2905 p (27 Mar 2019)

  • Multiple minor bugfixes.
  • Multiple design fixes.
  • A number of security fixes.
  • Small performance improvements.
  • Prepared multiple functionalities for a larger update in the future.

4.2698 p (7 Feb 2019)

  • Report numbers now show as a flex-bar instead of static numbers.
  • Latest failures are now in the same design as the report details page.
  • Latest failures result now opens in a side pop-up.
  • Performance improvements by loading result data asynchronously.
  • Added some new API endpoints to prepare more asynchronous functions.

4.2478 p (15 Jan 2019)

  • New supported format: TestNG
  • Improved API endpoints, documentation and responses:
  • Reworked the way an import works:
    • OLD: Posting a faulty report results in an error response code.
    • NEW: Logs are generated during the import and attached to the report, resulting in a 202 - Accepted response code and the warnings attached.
  • Many bugfixes and small improvements to the user experience.

4.2307 p (29 Nov 2018)

  • Feature: You can now delete a report
  • Unified the email design.
  • Added runtime to history page
  • Showing runtime in minutes or hours when relevant (instead of always in seconds)
  • Multiple minor bugfixes

4.2281 p (09 Nov 2018)

  • New report detail slide popup
  • Added a 401 error page for unauthorized data
  • Improved maintenance window functionality
  • Multiple minor bugfixes

4.2246 p (06 Nov 2018)

  • Improved the error details on a failed uploaded report
  • Added possibility of XML reports to contain <testcase> as top level
  • Multiple minor bugfixes

4.2223 p (30 Oct 2018)

  • New and improved report details page
  • Added filters to the report detail page
  • Improved upload report modal
  • Improve error handling for unknown test result files
  • minor bugfixes

4.2148 p (22 Oct 2018)

  • Officially moved to the new results db structure for all pages
  • Final tweaks for the public launch
  • Improved breadcrumbs
  • Unifying upload API, dont import into the old db structure anymore
  • Minor bugfixes

3.2079 p (12 Oct 2018)

  • Launch of the new smart dashboard.
  • Integrated mailchimp newsletter functionality
  • Simplified terms and conditions page
  • Upgraded Mysql to latest version
  • Added maintenance page
  • Deeplink to subscription page
  • Minor bugfixes

3.1936 p (3 Oct 2018)

  • First release with Integrated credit card payments with subscriptions
  • Added Welcome email
  • Moved the smartboard out of the alpha to beta phase
  • Minor bugfixes

3.1831 p (27 Aug 2018)

  • Alpha version of the new profile history page
  • Implement live search for company selection
  • Adding Welcome email for new users that signup through the new landing page. Admins can trigger the welcome email through the account page of the user
  • Removing contact form functionality, this moves to the new landing page.
  • Display the number of total results in test result overview
  • Minor bugfixes

3.1366 p (22 Aug 2018)

  • Alpha version of the new profile history page
  • Implement live search for company selection
  • Adding db script to cleanup old unused test results
  • Adding support for screenshots in scenario outlines
  • Moving over to the latest chrome59 and FF54
  • Minor bugfixes

3.966 p (15 June 2018)

  • Implemented account management including role management within companies
  • Added Google sign in functionality
  • Use sc and wildcard cert for all environments
  • Update deployment readme
  • Minor bugfixes

2.798 p (12 Jul 2017)


  • Preparation for moving the application to the app subdomain to support separate commercial landing page for (dev, test and staging have the subdomains (app-dev, app-test, app-staging respectively)
  • Removing current landing page items.
  • Moving environments back to their own environment and not docker. We cannot configure each environment properly else.
  • Adding version and environment information in the footer
  • Rails 5 and docker requires mentioning which port to listen on, added to Dockerfile
  • Limit the logfile length in test result history, it takes too long to load if the output is very long. Added download link for cucumber output for normal users so you can still see the complete logfile


  • Give correct message when you disable a schedule
  • Stick with node 7.4. Node 8 fails to build the user api

2.697 (12 Jul 2016)


  • Big security upgrade to rails 5 and various bugfixes
  • Upgrade from Rails 2 to the newest Rails 5 framework
  • Start using Rails5 asset pipeline for images.
  • Support Chrome for regular users
  • Quick usability tweaks
  • Integration with bootstrap for if we want to change the UI


  • Remove old functions and code from perftest functionality
  • Remove typo in error message if no workers are found

1.457 (11 Feb 2016)


  • Creating the last stable release before moving to rails 5.
  • Improving integration with test execution backend


  • Links in sent email should always be https
  • Links in email should link to the current environment (e.g. staging, test, etc) and not production
  • Password reset doesnt work in some situations (already hotfixed on production)