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A (company) workspace is a place where you can collaborate between testers and other members of the development team.

Calliope account setup

In a workspace you can organize and manage your projects. Watch our short tutorial video below about creating projects and profiles.

Company workspaces

Creating your own private company workspace is an excellent place to start working with and get to know its features.

Once you're ready to start sharing results, you can create a company for others to join, this will create a new company workspace where you can add collaborators.

Our tutorial video explaining the private and company workspaces is a great way to quickly learn about these two workspaces. Note: in the video, we mention "private workspaces", but they are no longer in use. Instead, we suggest that you create a company for yourself so that you can have a private area to practice


Each member within a workspace has one of the following roles:

Access / Role Read Only User Moderator Administrator Owner
Projects View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Profiles View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Reports View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Company View View CRUD* CRUD* CRUD*
Import results X O O O O
Invite user X X O O O
Edit company X X O O O
Subscription X X X O O
Payment details X X X O O
Delete company X X X X O

*CRUD: Create / Read / Update / Delete


Subscriptions are given on company level. To learn more on subscriptions and billing please see the subscriptions section. You can also watch a video below explaining some differences between our subscription plans.