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File formats

Supported Formats

Documentation Website
Burp Burp XML Burp Website
Calliope Calliope JSON Calliope Website
Cucumber Cucumber JSON Cucumber Website
Fink Fink Fink Website
Gherkin Gherkin feature Gherkin/Cucumber Website
Jest Jest JSON Jest Website
JUnit JUnit XML JUnit Website
Lighthouse Lighthouse JSON Lighthouse Website
Mochawesome Mochawesome Mochawesome Website
Nessus Nessus XML Nessus Website
Newman Newman JSON Newman Website
NUnit NUnit XML NUnit Website
Robot Framework Robot Framework Robot Framework Website
Serenity Serenity Serenity Website
Test Cafe Test Cafe Test Cafe Website
TestNG TestNG XML TestNG Website
WebdriveIO WebdriverIO JSON WebdriverIO Website
XCTest XCTest XML XCTest Website
XUnit XUnit XML XUnit Website
Zaproxy Zaproxy Security Zaproxy Website


My format is unsupported

Most automated test tools support the JUnit format, but it could be that we don't support your specific format. Don't worry, let us know and we'll be glad to help you with your custom results format. We are constantly adding features and developing Calliope to make it as useful to testers as possible. is made for testers, by testers.